Szayel Release Doll-For Sale

Hey, Szayel fans! I wanted to offer to you all a doll that is currently for sale on my Etsy. I figured that this community might, erm, appreciate it more than others have...

Please give me feedback and tell me what you think! Heck, buy it if you wish. ;)

This is the link to buy him:


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Better Of Two Evils

Author: Mama Quilla
Title: Better Of Two Evils
Rating: NC-17 / R
Pairing: Kurotsuchi Mayuri/Szayel Aporro Granz
Warnings: A bit of surgery kink and PWP.
Summary: Szayel, the better of two evils. Here's why.
Note: I would have continued, but I don't want you to run screaming for therapy.

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My Place + Touching Insanity

I-I was hesitant to advertise this here, but SOMEONE [coughryokocough] talked me into it. :|

Title: My Place
Author: skyla_doragono
Pairing: Implied Szayel x Luke, implied Luke x Tear
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, violence, possible adult themes.
Summary: Crossover of Bleach and Tales of the Abyss; back story for fonicfraccion. After the final confrontation and the freeing of Lorelei, the scion and his replica disappeared from the planet of Auldrant. One returned, but the other was lost in the stream of souls that surround the worlds. Where he would go and what he would become would forever alter who he was.

( Complete story starts at the bottom of the page. )

And while I'm at it:

Title: Touching Insanity
Author: skyla_doragono
Pairing: All canon Abyss pairs
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing, violence, religious undertones.
Summary: Crossover of Bleach and Tales of the Abyss. He can't run he can't hide; cast into Hell and forgotten, Szayel wishes for anything that will save him from an eternity of torment. He finds it in an undying flame, leading him to a new world... but at the cost of having to deal with a young child with the mind of an infant. Forced to adapt, it's not long before he learns the value of life and the price one pays for ignorance.

( Prologue: Hell Chapter )
( Chapter One: The Sacred Flame )

"Simplicity" - A Nnoitra x Szayel Drabble

I'm so happy. I finally--finally--got inspiration for my OTPOAT. Finally. Even if it's only a drabble, that doesn't change the fact that it's been over freaking half a year since I wrote for them. Oh my effing Aizen. Squeee. 8D

Unbeta'd. Therefore all mistakes are mine, and mine alone. Also--cross-posted. Sorry about that.

So yeah. Enjoy? 8D

Title: Simplicity
Author: panda_pon
Pairing/Fandom: Nnoitra x Szayel/Bleach (Yeah. That's right. I went there. )
Rating: T-16
Warnings: An extremely vague mentioning of man x man luvin's, Szayel's thought process going from sardonic to sentimental in the span of fifteen seconds, and a dubiously warranted insult (however small) to Nnoitra's intelligence.
Wordcount: 325. Apparently. MS Word likes to lie to me.

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